Tips for secure usage of Matrimonial Site

Know what you want:

If you are looking for a life partner, be serious about it. Analyze what you are looking for in a partner and accordingly, filter your matches.

Always do a background check of the prospective match:

Conduct an end-to-end background check of the person. Try to contact workplace, family, friends, relatives, neighbors, or associates of a prospective match to know more about him/ her.

Always keep your family informed

Share information about the prospective match with your family. Your family should be aware of the information shared, if any, by you with the prospective match found on matrimonial website.

Always meet in public place

Always choose to meet the prospective match in a public place as you don't know what kind of person he or she might be. Also, keep your family and friends informed about the meeting.

Do not share personal information and financial credentials

While chatting on matrimonial website, avoid talking to a person, if he/ she pressurizes you to reveal your personal information. Always refrain from sharing your personal information such as numbers, email ID, address, etc. until you are completely sure and have done a thorough background check.

Never share your sensitive personal photographs and videos

Do not share your sensitive personal pictures while chatting with anybody you have met through matrimonial website. These pictures can be used by the potential fraudster to blackmail you and defraud. These images may be leaked on internet as well.

Never entertain any request for money

Do not transfer funds or offer financial help to the prospective match. The moment someone asks you for money citing some reason or the other, you should become cautious and avoid any further communication with him/her without background checks.

Be cautious while dealing with NRI profiles

Always be careful while dealing with 'NRI' profiles on matrimonial websites. Commit to marriage only after face-to-face meetings, especially the prospective match's parents/ relatives and validating any documents related to their address and employment abroad.

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